Saswata Paul, PhD

I am currently working as a Research Engineer in the High-Assurance Systems Laboratory at General Electric Research. I completed my PhD in Computer Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2022 where I was awarded the Robert McNaughton Prize for outstanding achievements as a graduate student in the Department of Computer Science.



My research interests lie in cyber-physical systems, distributed algorithms, formal verification, and safety-critical systems.

While pursuing a PhD at the Worldwide Computing Laboratory (WCL) at Rensselaer, I investigated tools and techniques for making aerospace systems safer (see the ASSURE and PILOTS projects). My interdisciplinary research involved domains from Computer Science (such as formal methods, distributed systems, cyber-physical systems, and autonomous systems) and Aerospace Systems (such as path planning, air traffic management, fly-by-feel, and Urban Air Mobility).

Selected Publications